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TERAWATT INTERNATIONAL was founded in the year 2000 where its principles are influenced by the electricity liberalisation act in Austria and Europe. Its today’s shareholders are on the one hand VA INTERTRADING public limited company (VAIT), Austria’s largest trading house and on the other hand Erdgas Import Salzburg GmbH (EIS), which is an affiliate of SALZBURG AG, which is an independent Austrian multi utility company with many hydro-production facilities. The synergy is used - of VAIT being specialised in international commodity trading, with comprehensive experience in the worldwide metallurgical and chemical industry, providing the access and understanding for the needs of the industrial partners - and EIS/SALZBURG AG providing full Energy-trading know-how on the western European market and physical needs for an effective settlement, by having production and distribution facilities for electricity and gas in Austria.



TERAWATT supplies electricity and gas in Europe with big focus on South- and Southeast Europe. With the tailor-made solutions, the company is beside the physical supply of energy also an excellent partner in the certification process (“green certificates” of supplied energy), as well as the settlement of CO2-transactions. For providing complete portfolio services the balancing group service in Austria and cross border auction participation is offered to third parties.


Company Structure

Company with limited liability,
50 % subsidiary company of VA INTERTRADING Aktiengesellschaft
50 % subsidiary company of ERDGAS IMPORT SALZBURG GmbH


Registered Office

Strasserau 6, 4020 Linz (Postfach 4010), AUSTRIA


Managing Directors

Andreas Scheuringer
DI Siegfried Müllegger


Target Market




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